A Man with a 'VISION'

D S Kulkarni

CMD - DSK Group

The DSK Group, a tightly knit business conglomerate with interests in everything from real estate, construction, information technology, robotics, animation cinema, education, automobiles, superbikes, video games, travel & sports is growing at a blistering pace thanks to the vision of Dr. D. S. Kulkarni globally known as DSK.

DSK's Midas touch needs no lodestone to measure the purity of gold that he endlessly creates with all his ventures.

When a young boy from a middle class family took his first step towards self-reliance little did people realize that one day he would have an empire of his own. Selling vegetables at an early age, doing odd jobs, he saved for his education; the seeds of hard work & honesty were slowly being nurtured for the future.

As a young entrepreneur, he saw opportunities everywhere. His belief in himself was astounding. He started by cleaning phones in offices & homes in Pune and pasting scented antiseptic strips in them. D. S. Kulkarni had arrived, unheralded, unannounced; his first step into the world of business.

His sincerity, honesty, humility and helpful nature drew people to him. He moved on to providing help with plumbing, electrical works, interiors, repairs and so on. With this hands on experience in the complex business of civil construction, D.S. Kulkarni was ready to start off on his own.

The rest is history. Fondly called DSK, he is today the creator of a multi-crore conglomerate, the DSK Group, with his flagship company - D.S. Kulkarni Developers Ltd.

The secret of his success is hard work, dedication and determination.

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