DSK Entertainment

With the sole aim of bringing quality and meaningful entertainment to the viewers, DSK Group has taken its first but extremely significant step in the field of entertainment. DSK Entertainment, has been launched with the vision of providing audiences, with top class shows, which redefine entertainment.

DSK Entertainment has collaborated with Moonscoop, the worldwide brand management and entertainment company; and reputed Archie Comics to produce an animated series, “Sabrina, Secrets of a Teenage Witch”,

DSK Entertainment has co-produced this show. This animated series broadcast on The Hub Television Network in the US got it high TRP ratings in the top five bracket.

The show is a big hit on the Indian television channel POGO as well after conquering the world! It bagged the enviable EMMY award for 2014 in the US.

Now DSK Entertainment is all set to rock the world with its next biggie, Top Cat!

It is a one-of-its-kind step taken by DSK Group, and marks an important milestone in changing the face of world of entertainment.

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