The DSK Group, a tightly knit business conglomerate with interests in everything from real estate, construction, information technology, robotics, animation cinema, education, automobiles, superbikes, video games, travel & sports is growing at a blistering pace thanks to the vision of Dr. D. S. Kulkarni globally known as DSK.

DSK Developers Limited is the first in its class an one of the country's best known builders. DSK Developers Limited is committed to customer care. We have woven it into the very fabric of our working culture.

DSK Motowheels entered the niche segment of powerful and aspirational superbikes in association with KR Motors of South Korea, to assemble & sell Hyosung Superbikes in India.

DSK Motowheels tied up with the legendary Italian brand 'Benelli' backed up by 104 years of racing lineage to bring its superbikes to India in 2014 stunning the superbike community.

The ultimate lodestar in practical education in India, if you want to be beyond successful in the field of industrial and product design, animation and video game designing.

The prestigious venture of DSK Group is located at DSK Vishwa, Sinhgad Road, Pune. It is an ICSE certified school and caters to education for pre-primary, primary and secondary, up to class X.

One stop travel solutions partner We believe in offering a global reach with a perfect blend of service, quality assurance and transparency in all our offerings.

DSK Digital Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 2008. It is now a prime mover in bringing the "Jana Dhana Yojna" to the people and helping our villages connect to the mainstream.

DSK Milkotronics has implemented dairy automation solutions in more than 6000 villages across India. It revolutionising the rural dairy industry and preventing farmer suicides.

With the sole aim of bringing quality and meaningful entertainment to the viewers, DSK Group has taken its first but extremely significant step in the field of entertainment in Hollywood USA.

Shivajians Sports Club, established on 6th August 1987 was converted to a private entity known as DSK Shivajians Football Club Pvt. Ltd. Today it tops the charts!

DSK Green Ice Games is the game development division of DSK Studios, a company of the DSK Group, DSK Green Ice Games is focused at making games for both PC's and Consoles for the Next Gen..

Talisman Hospitality Services is a privately owned company launched with an aim to redefine fine and luxury dining. Talisman Hospitality Services is based out of Koregaon Park Pune.

DSK Group's "power packed" project coming up in Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh. This 100 MW project will generate, clean, environment friendly energy that will be linked to the National Grid.

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