DSK Hyosung

Established in 2012, DSK Motowheels forayed into the growing automobile sector by entering the niche segment of powerful and aspirational superbikes in association with KR Motors of South Korea, to assemble & sell Hyosung Superbikes in India.

After successfully establishing the brand 'DSK Hyosung' in India, In 2014, DSK Motowheels tied up with the legendary Italian brand 'Benelli', which was established in 1911, backed up by 104 years of racing heritage and lineage.

DSK Hyosung bikes are available in three different segments - 250cc, 650cc and 700cc. DSK Motowheels will be the official and sole manufacturers of Hyosung bikes in India with an international standard manufacturing plant located at Wai, near Pune. DSK Hyosung enjoys the status of having the largest number of superbike dealerships with 3s facility in India. The company plans to add 30 more pan-India dealers to the network soon.

DSK Hyosung has continuously added latest models with super technology to its growing stable of super bikes and is now on the threshold of exporting them globally.

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